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Please help me welcome, Rebel Ink Press!

Ms. Munro, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these publishing questions developed by my blog followers. Can you please explain what type of publishing house Rebel Ink Press falls under? Is it small press, boutique, mid-size, etc… Please explain what makes your publishing house unique form others.

Rebel Ink Press is a small, independent publisher of romance related novels that run the gamut from sweet all the way to sizzling. Since our official opening in September 2010, Rebel has signed both new and seasoned cutting edge authors from several genres to include the paranormal/fantasy side of romance and GBLT, erotica and fetish as well as the more down to earth, realistic, romantic side featuring real-to-life heroes and heroines going about the business of day to day living.

As a company, Rebel strives to provide readers with stories they want while offering the services authors deserve. We’re committed to good citizenship, fair business practices, and developing up and coming authors through editorial support, marketing and promotion–all of which help authors create their best works possible.

How many books a year do you typically publish? How long have you been in business?

Rebel was a year old in September.  To date we have over 75 books on the market and we’re projected to nearly double that number in 2012.

Do you accept unagented queries? Do you like to work with new authors?

We do accept unagented queries and we love new authors.  In fact, we pride ourselves on being a safe haven for first timers.

Is it a good idea for writers to hire editors before they submit?

We don’t require our writers to do this and to be quite honest, when a writer is first beginning this journey, there’s not a lot of wiggle room in most of their budgets. While in an ideal world having an editor at your disposal would be great, we realize this isn’t the norm. Aside from that, writers need to be conscious of their own work. We always say spell check and a Word program does not a writer make. Self-edits are extremely important not only in sending in the best work possible, but so the writer sees and corrects their problems areas.

Does your company specialize in a specific genre?

While we are listed as a romance company, we are still Rebels at heart. You’ll find that 95% of our reads are romance driven, and they encompass all sub-genres, heat levels and types of relationships. However, we do welcome outside the box manuscripts and take them under consideration. We house a sci-fi writer, a steam punk writer, and we’re working with a writer now that dabbles in suspense. If it’s a solid story with a well-developed plot and strong characters, we’re not opposed to having a look. We don’t at this time take submissions for children’s books.

How can an author personalize query letters without sounding too fan-girlish, weird, or cliche?

When authors first write in, I want them to be real.  I want them to be conversational and not try to sell  me on their story.  Stories sell themselves.  We consider our writers family and i guess i liken it to the first time you have dinner at someone’s home.  Sure you try to be on your best behavior but you don’t wear your resume around your neck.  The beauty of not being part of 5th Avenue publishing is that we can be more relaxed and a bit less formal.  I want Rebels to want to be a part of this team.

Do you publish in print? If so, are all books straight to print? If not, what is the criteria for a book to go to print? Where and in how many stores does Rebel Ink Press distribute books?

Rebel stories always publish ebook first regardless of size.  Many of our larger titles( 45k plus)do make it to trade paperback and we current distribute titles with 5 vendors including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  We just received our ibookstrore acceptance which will make itunes our 6th vendor.

How much input do authors get on their covers?

We work very closely with our authors on their covers and we value their input.  In fact, I’d say this is very much a hand-in-hand process.  I hope if you ask any Rebel author, they would say we fine-tuned their cover until they loved it.

Could you please provide specifics of your marketing plan/strategies? Is it solely up to the author, half and half, or do you have a developed marketing campaign? Where do you advertise to entice readers to your sites? Do you have numbers to share on how many hits you receive from distinct IP addresses? Also, do you have a marketing person who works with authors to help them get their own marketing plan together and underway? (i.e. Blog tour or book review contacts? Suggestions for website content, blog content, networking site recommendations)

Wow, that’s a lengthy question, and we have an equally lengthy answer for you. Our VP of Business Affairs, Lila Munro heads up Rebel marketing in the capacity that she gets the Rebel brand in the public eye thereby drawing those same eyes to the writers we house. She’s working this year with several reputable review sites, promotions sites and organizations that will achieve this. As 2012 rolls out, she’ll also be rolling out several new marketing campaigns. Lila also coordinates reviews for the writers and ensures their works are sent out to reputable reviewers. Working closely with her is Bethany Halle, our Director of Communications and Publicity. Bethany digs up resources for our writers to use, schedules our writer chats through places like Twolips, The Romance Reviews and Night Owl, to name a few. Every single book gets a press release. Bethany takes care of that for us. We don’t schedule or set up blog tours for our writers, but the resources they need to do this are at their disposal and we’re there to answer questions and help in any way we can. While we expect our writers to market themselves and promote their work, we share in that part of this process.

Do any of the editors or staff make public appearances or maintain blogs?

We sure do.  We have a blog and more importantly, a private yahoo group for Rebels.  Our team hangs out there quite a bit! You can find out more about all of us at: .

Is an author allowed to self-publish his/her own (completely unrelated) books while under contract with Rebel Ink Press?


Thank you for your time, Ms. Munro. I’m sure my bloggers will be anxious to read all about Rebel Ink Press.




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