The Hunger Games Review

This is our first EVER attempt at vlogging so be patient with us. Sorry about the wind noise in the beginning. Lesson number one, don’t film outside if it is windy. :) It is low-budget here in Ciaraland, but we are working on improving things.

It’s okay to make fun of how fast I talk, that I use my hands like a crazy person (I blame that on the fact that I use to communicate with sign language when I volunteered back in college), and my silly facial expressions. It’s not okay to make fun of my friend, ’cause I’ll turn into a big momma bear. :)

Have you seen The Hunger Games? Did you read the books? If so, do you agree or disagree with our thoughts?

27 Responses to The Hunger Games Review

  • Brinda says:

    I really enjoyed the vlog. I loved the Hunger Games movie. I was on vacation in Florida and it rained the last day. I convinced my husband, sister-in-law and brother-in-law to go to the movies. My husband and I had read the books. They had not. I was so glad they enjoyed it since we were in a theater full in teens. I loved the casting and agree that Woody H. was one I doubted and then later loved as Haymitch.

  • Julie H. says:

    Really guys, you can make fun of me too!!! This is my first time on video and I was a little over the top! We had a great time doing this and we are looking forward to our next vlog adventure. So, stay tuned!

    • Ciara Knight says:

      Brinda – Isn’t it funny how we have an image in our head about the character and it is hard to break that. I was shocked at an actor that usually does comedic rolls could pull that part off. He did fantastic.

      Alex – Report back after you see it. I know you didn’t read the book, so you’ll have to let us know if you understood everything. Oh, and I HAVE to ask you a question after you see it.

      Julie – I had so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again. :)

  • Marta Szemik says:

    The Vlog was great. Wow. I smiled through the entire commentary. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but looking forward to it. Read the books such a long time ago, thinking of reading them again before I see the movie, that is if I can pull it out of my 9 year old’s hands. Great job ladies.

  • Loved the vlog. Ciara, I’ve been told I couldn’t talk if I had to sit on my hands. Aside from the fact that sitting on my hands would be a show-stopper in its own right, gestures are essential (IMHO) to making your point. You handle them quite well.

    I am going public here. Right here on your blog, vlog, whatever. I did not read The Hunger Games. I have not seen the movies. Will I at some point? Only if I have to in order to keep up with the Friends’s.

    • Ciara Knight says:

      Marta – I bought the book for my son two years ago and we fought over it. :) I’m glad the vlog made you smile.

      Glorida – My heart aches that you haven’t read the first book. It is so good. It is so different from any other MG/YA book I’ve ever read. Don’t tell Suzanne Collins this, because I think she is brilliant, but the first book was the best. The good news is you could just read one. :)

      Laura – It’s funny. I didn’t even realize it was that windy. I was just excited to have a day off to spend with my friend and see a movie that I’d been dying to go to.

    • Ciara Knight says:

      Savannah – Oh, you have to read the first book. I’ll go to the post office and mail you my copy if I have to. :)

      Lynn – It is written so well that even if you’re not a fan of that style POV, you will still enjoy the book.

      Slamdunk – Ah, thank you so much. You are too kind.

      Christopher – Oh, I WANT to see Uncle Billy on a vlog. I’d pay money for that!!!

  • Weird…you sound exactly how I pictured you to sound from your photograph, Ciara. Like I had this voice in my head and the way you actually talk is similar. This almost never happens to me. The first time I heard Garfield talk on television I was shocked. I remember thinking “that is not how Garfield is supposed to sound”.

    I’m going to go to the Hunger Games soon. I was thinking of doing it tonight. If not, then I’ll wait until Saturday. Most likely, I’ll see it Saturday.

  • Ciara Knight says:

    Kendall – Oh I loved the books. Well, we were minus the Vodka shots so probably not as entertaining as your vlog. ;)

    Michael – LOL, I think you’ve heard my voice before. I did a radio spot I think you listened to, maybe that’s where you got that idea of my squeaky voice. :)

  • Love, Love, Loved how you guys did it, very natural and honest. Yeah I watched it and didn’t get somethings. I may read the books, expect there will be more movies to come. I think Julie made more hand gestures than Ciara so Julie wins that award, Ciara, you can have the funny facial expression award! ha ha ha, ya’ll know I’m jealous cause you two are so cute!!

  • Lindsay says:

    Your vlog was great. It’s always nice to be able to put a voice and face to an author. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie.

  • Julie KP says:

    You and Julie both did an excellent job! Ciara, you are way too hard on yourself. We saw The Hunger Games, and I agree with everything you both said. I didn’t have trouble following it, though I never read the book. Like The Hunger Games, this vlog needs a sequel, and you both are insightful and photogenic enough to “pull it off!”

  • Carol Riggs says:

    Great vlog you two!! It makes me want to go see the movie so much!! I had some doubts about the actress playing Katniss from the previews (sounds like she’s speaking with marbles in her mouth), but maybe the movie is better. Five stars–wow! :D

  • Oh, love the vlog! Great job, Ciara. I had a big smile plastered on my face while watching it.

    I haven’t seen the movie just yet but I’ve read all the books. I probably shouldn’t comment on the casting before watching the movie, but I would be happier if they selected a different actor for Peeta’s role.

  • Arlee Bird says:

    Nice job with the review. I thought the presentation was very good. Haven’t read the book or seen the movie so I don’t know nothing and ain’t saying nothin’.

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