P is for Pinterest

I just discovered Pinterest a few months ago. My friend had told me about it, but prefaced it by saying, “Don’t look at it, you don’t have time!” Well, I looked at it, oops. She was right I don’t have time, but it is SO much fun!! I’ve added boards for my books, travel, cover art, and places I dream of going.

The only problem is that now my husband is on it, and he keeps sending me pictures of food he wants me to cook. We did have a great calzone one night. :)

Are you on Pinterst? If so, what is your favorite board or pin?

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  • I joined just last week. In fact, even though I’m snowed under with A-Z visits, I joined a couple of things last week, including a couple of groups on Goodreads. Very silly really. One day, I might write a story!

  • I like Pinterest, but I haven’t had time to play on it for a few weeks. That’s good thing about it. My boards will be ready for me when I have time :)

  • Lindi says:

    I’m like Laura—No time–I’ve heard so many great things about it I’m scared I’ll become addicted. :)

    Was it easy to make a calzone? Just curious.

    Have a great day.

  • I love Pinterest, but I limit myself to viewing it only once a day. :^) It is helpful for visualizing my characters, their clothing, and artifacts appropriate for the time period in which my story is set.

  • I keep hearing about Pinterest and really want to try it, although I worry about getting totally sucked in. It’s on my list for May once the craziness of the Challenge is over, I’m already feeling totally overwhelmed trying to keep up with that. Thanks for sharing your experience with Pinterest, it definitely sounds like fun. :)

  • Marta Szemik says:

    I really love Pinterest and try not to look at it more than once a day. Now I’m going to find you on it too:) Check out my Hunk Galore Board (need to add to that one a bit).

  • GREAT P post!!!! I love Pinterest! But I actually use for more than just crafts and recipes! I have boards for all my books and characters! So so fun! I love letting readers get to know my characters a little bit better!

  • I’ve been trying to stay away from Pinterest because I know I’ll become addicted to it very fast and that will take more of my writing time LOL
    I hear so much about it, everyone loves it. I wonder how long will I resist? lol

  • Teresa Morris-lloyd says:

    Yes I am a member of Pinterest, and I do love it!!! My favorite board is my “Books Worth Reading” now as for my favorite pin, well if you go and visit my pinterest and look in that board you will see why there is no way of picking a favorite. They are all there because they are all my favorites, but….. if I had to chose then it would have to be my collection of Black Dagger Brotherhood books.
    Happy reading and writing*

  • Lindsay says:

    I’m not on PInterest. I’m reading several blog post around to learn how to set it up so in the not to distant future I will most likely had a page or two

  • I have avoided Pinterest so far because I barely have time for the social media I’m already doing, but I know I’ll end up there eventually. A Travel board would be fun.

  • I joined Pinterest duing a chill-out session with one of my girlfriends. She’d been on it for a while and had recently used a recipe from it. With wine glasses in hand, she opened her laptop before us and commenced to making me ooh, aahhh and laugh at various boards, quotes, and pics. Of course I signed up, obsessed for like a whole two days just pinning things then remembered I had work, a kid and writing…so I don’t get back there much after that lol!!!

  • Jillian says:

    Nope. Can’t go there- no time at all to spend there. I let too many things suck my time already. I’m very intrigued but have made a decision to avoid it.

  • I’ve been on Pinterest for nearly a year now (how time flies!) and I still love it. I use it mostly for recipes and writing stuff. My WiP board is currently my favorite because I’m knee deep in a rewrite. :)

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