I’ll confess that I had a post set for today, but in my typhoon of activities I set it to post in June. Well I’ve got my next one covered. :) See, I’m not behind, I’m ahead of the game.

Time. Yep, that’s what I’m insecure about right now. How do you keep up with everything? I should do better, and cut down on mistakes. I try to organize with calendars and task lists, but sometimes life gets in the way. Oh well, I guess I just pick myself up, apologize for letting some of my blogging friends and family down, and get back to work. We all make mistakes, right? We all get overwhelmed at times, right?

Even knowing that, I still feel guilty. You see, I have the most amazing friends and writing buddies that deserve so much more than I’ve been giving. I hope they still know how much they mean to me, and that I’ll make it up to them.

So, I guess I’m not so insecure about getting caught up, I think I’m more insecure that I’m letting my friends down.

Does that make sense? Do you ever feel like you don’t give enough to others, or that you can’t finish everything that needs to get done in a day?

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  • Lindsay says:

    We never learn from the things we do correctly, only from the mistakes we make.

  • Ciara, you are not alone..We all feel like that at times..Don;t ever think you are letting us down, or me. You are such a wonderful friend. I’m truly blessed to know you..Honestly I do know how you feel..Huge hugs

  • Catherine says:

    I don’t think we should feel like robots who knock something off the conveyor belt. We all need lee way at times, and there’s more and more blogs to read. You’re doing really eell Ciara :)

  • Ciara, I think the A-Z just took a lot of time and took a bit out of all of us. We all just need to recharge and revive and I am sure we all will be back on track in no time. And I am sure you have not neglected anyone terribly!

  • Tess Grant says:

    I feel that way every day…like everything is sliding through the cracks, and I grab for a few, but I never catch the right ones. You’re not alone!

  • Elise Fallson says:

    Time is a strange thing because it doesn’t feel constant, it feels like it keeps speeding up! Anyway, I don’t think you can let your friends down because they are your friends and I’m sure they understand. Hang in there! (:

  • Donna Hole says:

    Being behind is a constant state for me; I’ve just learned to live with it and keep up as much as possible. Bloggers are great, they understand :)


  • Jay Noel says:

    A-Z sapped me, and I was ready for a short hiatus. But no, I decided to put up a post tomorrow. But at the same time, posting once a week is a vacation compared to the Challenge.

    It’s tough managing everything. Even as I’m typing this, I have to go leave for a dinner function to schmooze clients! Wish I had more time too.

  • Jay Noel says:

    By the way, I don’t know why, but half the time I try to post a comment, I get a weird error message the first time.

  • Lynn Rush says:

    Oh yes. I’m there with you, my friend. I’ve been so caught up in my recent release I’ve missed visiting blogs. IT’s like not seeing my friends in AGES! So, I’m back on track *hopefully* to catch up on what everyone’s been doing!

    :) Write on, my friend.

  • Helena says:

    I feel just like you — my days are never long enough to get anything done, and I never keep in touch with friends half as much as I should or want to. I mean, I haven’t visited your blog in over a week! But that’s okay if I missed the free download of Rise from Darkness because I really enjoyed Love’s Long Shadow and for me your books are so worth buying.

  • Trisha says:

    Yeah, I’ve been struggling with having ‘enough’ time lately. Or maybe it’s more about what I do with my time. Maybe I think I’m not spending my time as I should be!

  • slamdunk says:

    Not letting friends down is such a strong motivator both socially and professionally. I have some work stuff that is going to make or break me in the next month–I see a short blogging break in my future to help cope.

    Hang in there Ciara.

  • Ciara, I think there are times when we all feel this way. All we can do is our best. No one can do anymore than their best. Oh, and get some sleep. That always helps. :)

  • Jamie Ayres says:

    I always feel like I haven’t gotten everything done . . . in the beginning of 2010 I made it my NY’s resolution to stop sweating it & I’ve kept to it:) Still wish there were 30 hrs in a day though . . .

  • Hey Ciara! You are doing way better than me. You came over and commented on my post and I can’t thank you enough. Even if you had not made it over, you wouldn’t be letting any of us down. We can only do what we can do and sometimes, we have to let the other stuff slide. Your reputation speaks for you, so never fear. We know you are awesome!



  • Misha says:

    Yes. Right after I wasted an IWSG post, I realized how little time I have now. It’s making me jittery.

    It’s making me wake up at 3 am so that I can write.

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