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Ever have the feeling that you’re walking along with no more than your brainstem reacting to stimuli? That your frontal cortex is malfunctioning and the only emotional response you can elicit is a rehearsed nod and smile? Well then you are either a Zombie or a writer.


Speaking of Zombies, while watching The Walking Dead one night many things flashed through my brain. I know it never stops in Ciaraland. Anyhoo, as the Zombies were meandering through the streets looking for fresh meat, the characters start honking to say goodbye. I’m like really? My DH shouts, “Too stupid to live!” Yep, he’s actually been listening to me. J He was right, yet we still watch the show. Why? Four episodes later all I can say is that it has that ‘it’ factor, that inexplicable thing that draws viewers in despite the horrific plot flaws, gore, and characters that would barely score higher than the zombies on an IQ test. (Please don’t hate me, you know it’s true.)


While working on my upcoming release, Escapement, I started to get a little nervous. You see Weighted, the prequel novelette to The Neumarian Chronicles, is getting some attention. I’m actually receiving emails from readers asking when the next book will be released. I’ve written, revised, cut, slashed, and left it a pile of goo for the characters on The Walking Dead to hide under so the Zombies won’t smell them. But does it have that same thing that drew readers into Weighted?




Have you ever been concerned about letting your readers down? Have you watched The Walking Dead? If so, why do you think people watch it? Did you understand anything I just wrote or am is brain just mush? :)


Let me know what you are struggling with. I’ll try my best to remain focused long enough to…Squirrel!



26 Responses to IWSG – The Walking Dead

  • Now you understand my fear before CassaFire came out! Or now as I write CassaStorm. It’s the last one. I won’t get another chance to make the fans happy. Crap!
    Not watching the Walking Dead right now. Will catch up later either through NetFlix or the Internet.

  • I gave up watching the Walking Dead, even though I don’t mind watching Zombie shows, it just got a little boring. But, my daughter still love it.
    I can relate to your feelings about whether you have lived up to your readers expectations, but I think unless you publish you will never have an answer to the question.
    Like everything in life…it is a gamble you have to be willing to take.

  • Laura Eno says:

    I don’t like zombies…or TV. I know what you mean, though. Every book you write is nerve-wracking that way, in what a fan of your last book expects. The mountain keeps getting higher.
    Oh, you have squirrels! Shiny!

  • Marta Szemik says:

    I always worry about letting my readers down. I think it’s a writer’s job hazard. I’ve only seen bits of The Walking Dead – there’s just too many shows to watch and too little time do watch them all. Congratulations on Weighted success! That’s awesome!

  • siv Maria says:

    Love the comparison of zombies to writers! I think it must be the season for brain death…lol! I love the walking dead and it surprises me that I do. I never thought much about zombies until my son hooked me on them. I think the show attracts a lot of people to it because of the apokolypse theme, like falling skies, both shows what humans are capable of under extreme circumstances. There are monsters in all of us.

  • Sia McKye says:

    Nope, don’t watch it altho I do hear it, if my office door is open. My husband loves the show. I have never been a zombie fan and I only watch a few shows on TV. I’ve heard hubs giving his editorials on the plot too. :-)

    I have to admit, the last two months I’ve been feeling rather zombish just dragging through my life.

  • I think it’s wonderful that you are getting requests from readers for your next installment, congratulations!! That must be an exhilarating feeling even though I can also understand it brings pressure with it as well.

    I’ve never watched The Walking Dead but have heard so much about it, I regret not watching it when it first started. Now I feel like I have too much to catch up with, and I can’t focus for more than a few seconds either LOL.

  • Kathy says:

    I totally get it, though I don’t have a book in print yet, but I worry that my characters will be too cheesy or predictable all the time.

  • Isis Rushdan says:

    Thought I would hate The Walking Dead, but started on iTunes while packing for our move back to the USA. I got hooked pretty fast. Not because of the gore or the zombies. The writers found a great way to make you care about the characters. That is what keeps me watching.

  • Hart Johnson says:

    Man, that ellusive IT factor… I’m not sure I’ve ever felt I HAD it, but I am working on copy edits for my 2nd book, so I do have some fear people who liked the first will say ‘what the hell is this?’

    I’ve only watched a couple episodes of tWD and it didn’t quite catch me, but my kids LOVE it.

  • Carrie-Anne says:

    My 26-year-old little brother loves zombies, though I don’t know if he watches that show. He’s not so much of a TV person these days. Neither am I, for that matter.

    I recently struggled with putting my contemporary historical (1980s) WIP on hiatus for not the first time. It just wasn’t flowing as naturally as it had in the beginning, and I was called to begin my third Russian novel. I’m glad I made the switch.

  • Oh yes! Now that I’m working on book 2, I’m terrified of not living up to the first one and letting my readers down. But I seriously don’t think my CPs will ever let that happen.

  • I love The Walking Dead! For me, I think one of things that makes it great is that none of the characters are safe. Not even important main characters. I think half the reason I watch is because I want to see who’s gonna make it to the next episode. :)

    I too worry about letting readers down — it was my insecurity this month as well!

  • Everyone worries about letting people down. Even presidential candidates. Do you remember before the debates how both sides wanted to tote the accomplishments of the other candidate so as to downplay expectations of their performance? That’s because both Romney and Obama didn’t want to let their supporters down.

    The same goes with writing. It’s natural to feel that way. And congratulations on getting fanmail for “Weighted.” I think that’s just awesome.

    BTW, I love “The Walking Dead.” This last episode was OMG rough. I had no idea that “those” characters were going to die. The post-apocalyptic “edge” is the thing that drives me to watch. The realization that all the creature comforts that I take for granted could be stripped away leaving me to fend for myself in a world so horrible that every person is important and to survive, people must band together. I think that’s the appeal anyway.

    Have you seen the trailers for World War Z? They are employing Zombie swarms. It’s insane. Imagine a tidal wave of zombies crawling over each other and flowing over everything.

  • I’m right there with you. I’m working on book #4 in my one series, the final book. I keep thinking about an author who writes epic fantasy and always lets me down in the final book of her series. What if I do that?

  • It seems that every other day my brain is mush meat and I’m functioning largely on automatic, which is kinda scary. Is that really a sign I’m a writer? Maybe I just need more sleep. Or I’m turning into a zombie.

    I’ve only caught a few scenes of Walking Dead, and I can see why people are hooked. But I do have a very low gross-out tolerance, so I’m not sure if I could stick with it.

    And how very, truly, gloriously great it is your readers are asking you for more! Of course you’ll worry that you might disappoint them because you have high standards. But I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

  • Elise Fallson says:

    My brain feels like a slush pile most of the time, I keep cotton in my ears to keep it from leaking out. :P As for the Walking Dead, I didn’t last 10 minutes into the first episode. Zombies just freak me out too much! I don’t have readers to let down because I’ve never published anything, but I stress out about letting my editor and beta readers down all the time! No way around that, it just means that you care.

  • Mary says:

    I won’t watch zombies. But I’m in the same place as you. I’m releasing something new that probably won’t resonate with those liking the Backworlds. But we may draw in all new readers with something new. I think it’s OK to be bold and reach.

  • Leigh Moore says:

    oh, yeah. I struggle all the time with wondering if each of my books will have that “it” factor. :p I think it just goes with the territory.

    We don’t watch the Walking Dead! But EVERYBODY does–LOL! Methinks I’m missing something… Weighted looks awesome. It IS on the pile! :D <3

  • I get paranoid sometimes about letting my readers down. I want to give them my best, but will they like it? As for The Walking Dead, it has it’s good moments and lame ones. It’s like a zombie soap opera. They almost lost me last season, but this one is piling on the crazy.

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