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Give Back!

This is a campaign to give back to your fellow writer. What I hope will happen is that you will proudly display the button once you do one thing to help someone in the writing world.

Yep, just one thing. You can provide a partial gratis critique, post for a book launch or cover art reveal, send an email of encouragement, and/or post something helpful to other writers. Anything you do in the spirit of giving back counts.

I’m hoping when people see the image in sidebars they will be inspired to give back, too.

Please feel free to copy the button and use it how you’d like. Alter it if you wish. All I ask is that you keep inspiring the giving spirit. Spread the word!

Let’s see if we can make 2013 one of the best years for our fellow writers.

No need to link to my blog, or use my name. I want it to be about the community, not about me.

On Friday I’m kicking off my first post about EXPERIENCE. I hope to share a few things about what to look for when signing a contract.

In February, I’m working with a fellow author on an event that will hopefully encourage and inspire you to write. More details as they are worked out with my WBFF.

Give Back!

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